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Oliver Hall on the Political Capture of Our Democratic Processes

CCD founder Oliver Hall has published "When the Ballots Are Obstructed -- Sky-High Signature Requirements Hamper Independent Candidates" in the pilot issue of the print-only(!) Capitol Hill Citizen.

The article explores the age-old problem of foxes guarding the henhouse -- in this case, Republicans and Democrats colluding to enact anti-competitive ballot access requirements that guarantee their nominees automatic access to state ballots at taxpayer expense while making it practically impossible for potential competitors to run for public office.

Several of CCD's recent court victories are recounted and analyzed as examples of the major parties' political capture of our democratic processes.

The article raises the question: "[W]hy should states – or more to the point, the Democrats and Republicans who control state legislatures – be permitted to erect near-impossible barriers against potential competitors?"

The answer is they shouldn't.

Order copies of the print-only Capitol Hill Citizen, published by Ralph Nader and edited by Corporate Crime Reporter's Russell Mokhiber, here.

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