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The Democrats' Anti-Democratic Attack Dogs

CCD counsel Oliver Hall has published "The Democrats' Anti-Democratic Attack Dogs" in the latest issue of Capitol Hill Citizen, available here.

The article details the Democratic Party's history of suppressing voter choice by interfering with independent candidates' and minor parties' nomination petitions, then challenging them in court based on legal technicalities and trumped up allegations of "fraud".

Most recently, the Democrats have announced their intention to block No Labels' effort to place a "unity" ticket of one Republican and one Democrat on the 2024 presidential election ballot.

Before that, Democrats went all in on an effort to disrupt the North Carolina Green Party's nomination petition drive in 2022 -- an effort CCD successfully beat back in federal court.

But as the article explains, the Democrats have a long history of suppressing voter choice, dating back at least to their attempt to block Ralph Nader's independent candidacy from state ballots in the 2004 presidential election.

But since courts have yet to hold Democrats accountable for their efforts to win elections by eliminating the competition, they remain free to pursue this anti-democratic strategy. Suppressing voter choice is now just another tactic in the Democratic Party's playbook.

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