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CCD Files Emergency Action for Petitioning Relief in Pennsylvania

CCD has filed an emergency action for relief from the petitioning requirements for political parties to become ballot-qualified in Pennsylvania. The plaintiffs -- the Libertarian, Green and Constitution parties of Pennsylvania -- allege that Pennsylvania's 5,000-signature petitioning requirement is unconstitutional as applied, because it is both unlawful and practically impossible to obtain signatures on nomination petitions due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Governor Wolf's ensuing executive orders requiring social distancing and other measures to protect the public health. The plaintiffs request that the Court grant them ballot access for the 2020 general election based on their prior history of complying with Pennsylvania's ballot access requirements and other evidence that they enjoy substantial support among the Pennsylvania electorate. Read coverage of the filing in Bloomberg Law here.

Case number: 5:20-cv-02299-EGS - Libertarian Party of PA v. Wolf

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