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CCD sues in Texas on behalf of voter, candidate, and party plaintiffs

CCD has filed a new lawsuit on behalf of several voters, candidates and minor political parties in Texas. “For the last 50 years, the State of Texas (“Texas”) has denied voters their right to cast their votes effectively by enforcing a statutory scheme that guarantees ballot access to the two oldest and largest political parties at taxpayer expense, while imposing ever-greater burdens on their potential competitors,” the complaint alleges. The lawsuit, Miller v. Doe, No. 1:19-cv-00700 (W.D. Tex., July 11, 2019), challenges the combined impact of several provisions of the Texas Election Code, including its signature requirements, short petitioning period, early filing deadlines, and prohibition against primary election voters signing nomination petitions, among others. See press coverage from the Austin-American Statesman, Houston Chronicle, Texas Tribune, Courthouse News Service, Spectrum News and an op-ed by lead plaintiff Mark Miller here. See Legal Action for case materials.


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